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Do you come across clients with hepatitis B or C in your work?
Do you think your community or the community you work with, may be at risk of hepatitis B or C?

Hepatitis SA delivers free hepatitis B and hepatitis C education to South Australians who:

  • come from communities at risk of viral hepatitis
  • work with people affected by hepatitis and related issues
  • come from, or work with, communities from regions of high hepatitis B prevalence
  • want to know more about their duty of care as an employer regarding hepatitis
  • wish to raise the awareness of hepatitis in their communities such as sporting clubs and workplaces

Our educators have up-to-date knowledge about hepatitis, testing, treatment options and related issues. Our teams also include peer educators who have personal experiences relevant to their client groups.

Hepatitis SA's team of highly skilled educators are dedicated to delivering interesting, engaging and informative education to workers or communities dealing with viral hepatitis.

Peer-led education is an effective way to provide information and education to communities through people they can understand and relate to.

Hepatitis C treatment peer educators all have personal experience and current knowledge about hepatitis C and related issues. They prioritise assisting individuals in accessing treatment, but also provide information on other topics like prevention and living with hepatitis C.

If you are looking for tips on safer injecting, or how to protect yourself from blood borne viruses, Hepatitis SA NSP peers educators can provide you with up-to-date information and handy resources in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

Hepatitis SA NSP peer educators have personal experience or in-depth knowledge on injecting drug use.

Hepatitis SA positive speakers are people who are living with, or have cleared, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, who work our educators to raise awareness about the impact of viral hepatitis on people's lives.

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