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The South Australian Liver Health Project aims to increase awareness about hepatitis B and C in South Asian communities in South Australia.

Salt is so much a part of what we eat daily. When our doctors tell us to eliminate or reduce salt from our diet, many of us find that it's easier said than done.

How do we start? Is there only one way to do it? Are there options?

You have viral hepatitis and know you need to eat well to maintain quality of life. But having access to fresh, healthy food consistently can be a lot of hard work. 

What is hepatitis D? How is it treated? How can it be prevented?

The latest Australian Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) Survey conducted by AIVL has revealed a rise in sharing of injecting equipment in recent years.

The US FDA has approved a new hepatitis B vaccine - the first in 25 years. Heplisav-B is given as two doses within one month, instead of three doses over six months.

Only 2.3% of South Australia’s population is Indigenous, yet almost a quarter (22%) of people in the State’s prison system are Aboriginal. The prison population is also rife with blood-borne viruses, including hepatitis B and C—viruses which also disproportionately affect Indigenous people in the general population.

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The prevalence of hepatitis C and hepatitis B in Australian prisons is higher than in in the wider community, but prison settings also present an opportunity for testing, monitoring and treatment.

Ms McNeill previously served almost five years as First Assistant Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Division - part of a 20 year career in public service.

For GPs who deal with a host of ailments and don’t see many patients with hepatitis C, lack of familiarity with treatment guidelines and specialist support pathways are barriers to prescribing.

The Hepatitis SA Annual Report for 2016-17 is now available. Download it, view it on Issuu or click through to read it here.

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