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Find out more about the planned COVID-19 vaccine rollout in South Australia.

Support booklet and appendix from EC Australia in partnership with Hepatitis SA for General Practitioners treating people with hepatitis C.

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Professor Dore led the first international hepatitis C therapy trials to include study populations of people who inject drugs.

In the current COVID situation, until there are effective vaccines or treatments, the only effective safeguard we have is being careful in how we interact with others.

There are many reasons why we tell stories. We tell them to be heard, to pass on wisdom, to gain perspective and to document information that may be useful later.

The Hepatitis SA education team is offering free online professional development on blood safety and viral hepatitis.

SA Health has launched a new website with South Australian COVID-19 information and statistics easily available at a click.

Australian hepatitis organisations have expressed concern that 2019 funding for hepatitis commitments in 2019 Health Budgets are yet to be released even as new funding was announced for the 2020 budget.

COVID-19 resources from the Federal Department of Health, SA Health, and SBS in languages other than English.

Commonwealth funded GP Respiratory Clinics are now operating around the Adelaide metro area. Here's what you need to know.

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