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There are many reasons why we tell stories. We tell them to be heard, to pass on wisdom, to gain perspective and to document information that may be useful later.

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The Hepatitis SA education team is offering free online professional development on blood safety and viral hepatitis.

SA Health has launched a new website with South Australian COVID-19 information and statistics easily available at a click.

COVID-19 resources from the Federal Department of Health, SA Health, and SBS in languages other than English.

Commonwealth funded GP Respiratory Clinics are now operating around the Adelaide metro area. Here's what you need to know.

Flinders University researchers are conducting a survey into the usefulness and acceptability of setting up a hepatitis B registry in South Australia.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Let's Go Viral quiz and draw. The winner is K. Hauxwell. If you haven't seen the quiz yet, you can still check it out here. There were 516 people who entered the quiz, with 340 entries for the bonus question. We hope you all enjoyed the quiz and learnt something useful for you and your family.  Till next time!

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We are approaching the COVID-19 pandemic with an abundance of caution in line with the recommendations of health experts. Find out what this means for CNP clients.

Hepatitis SA staff are working from home except those at clean needle program sites. We are investigating online education and will continue to provide telephone and online information and support.

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