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There are many reasons why we tell stories. We tell them to be heard, to pass on wisdom, to gain perspective and to document information that may be useful later.

In a recent piece she wrote for Hepatitis SA Community News, positive speaker Kath Leane shares some of what she learnt at an online workshop by Jenny Valentish.

"As a Hepatitis SA Positive Speaker I tell my story to educate others, pass on experience, share knowledge and as a way of making sense of past decisions or choices that were not always the wisest. Taking responsibility for your actions and your past regrets, and having control over how your information is presented or remembered is important," she wrote.

Presenter Valentish spoke about "writing from the scar, not the wound", a metaphor Leane has grappled with before as a speaker. "Is it possible to overshare and have too much detail? And how can we be careful not to relive the trauma or shame within the story over and over?" she asks.

Leane goes on to talk about how the lens through which one views the world expands as you move through life's journey, finishing with other useful tips that she picked up from the workshop.


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