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Commonwealth funded GP Respiratory Clinics are now operating around the Adelaide metro area. Here's what you need to know.

What is a Respiratory Clinic?

Respiratory Clinics are Commonwealth funded, dedicated clinics for the assessment and treatment of respiratory symptoms.

Respiratory Clinics across the metropolitan region are supported by Adelaide PHN and complement the SA Health funded COVID-19 clinics, drive-through and domiciliary testing services available across South Australia.

Who can book an appointment?

Anyone experiencing mild to moderate respiratory symptoms - fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or fatigue - can book an appointment online or over the phone.

Benefits for patients, GPs and the response to COVID-19

Respiratory Clinics:

  • support patients with more than COVID-19 swabbing, they provide GP assessment of respiratory symptoms
  • allow clinical handover to patient’s usual GP for follow up care (if required)
  • do not require GP referral or forms - patients book themselves online or over the phone
  • provide onsite COVID-19 testing by specially trained and dedicated staff - this maximises the use of PPE across our region and helps reduce pressure on general practice (freeing up time to support the expansion of telehealth services, running of flu clinics, and ongoing chronic disease management, etc.)

Make a booking at a Respiratory Clinic

Patients can book an appointment at a Respiratory Clinic online or over the phone:

Book Online - via HotDocor visit

Adelaide Central Respiratory Clinic
0401 142 608
257 Fullarton Rd, Parkside

Reynella Respiratory Clinic
0478 455 771
216 Old South Rd, Old Reynella

North Eastern Respiratory Clinic
08 7089 5799
15 Roopena St, Ingle Farm

What patients can expect

  • patients with respiratory symptoms will be allocated an appointment and will receive confirmation of the time, location and details of their booking (this may include instructions to minimise interaction such as 'ring on arrival' and wait in the carpark for further instructions from clinic staff)
  • during the appointment, patients will be assessed by a GP and if they meet the criteria for COVID-19 testing this can be provided onsite
  • patients will receive initial advice for any condition diagnosed during the appointment
  • following the appointment, ongoing care can be provided by their usual GP via telehealth (phone or video)
  • Respiratory Clinics are strictly by appointment only, no walk in appointments will be provided

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