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Margot Robbie's "toe mojis" may seem fun but home tattoos - by Hollywood celebs or otherwise - are fraught with risks.

 Commercially successful but critically despised superhero movie Suicide Squad has certainly been effective at generating publicity for itself (perhaps unsurprising in a film that was re-edited by a movie trailer company in a last-minute salvage attempt).

Among the many attempts to get people talking about it was a peculiar social media campaign in which several of the movie’s stars took up careers as amateur tattoo artists, branding each other and members of the crew with toe-faces or misspelled words so that they could always remember being involved in the making of a film that scored 26% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Actress Margot Robbie has used talk-show appearances to talk about having bought a tattoo gun on eBay and using it to tattoo the toes of her co-stars and friends, and some of them also seem to have taken it up as a hobby.

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