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New hepatitis C treatments

The Australian government is subsidising revolutionary new hepatitis C medicines for all Australians. General Practitioners can directly prescribe and manage hepatitis C treatment for their patients, and prescriptions can be filled at many local community pharmacies.

New hepatitis C treatments are simple, quick, highly effective and have few side effects.

New Old
Tablets only Injections and tablets
8 to 24 weeks 24 to 48 weeks
Over 90% success 50% to 80% success
Mild side effects Nasty side effects

The success of these new treatments has made the elimination of hepatitis C a real possibility.

There's never been a better time to think about hepatitis C treatment.

Start by talking to your doctor.

For more information on the new hepatitis C treatments and the treatment process visit our Hepatitis C Treatment page.

Which doctor?

Any GP should be able to discuss treatment options with you.

If you need help finding a GP, call the Hepatitis SA helpline on 1800 437 222.

Which pharmacy?

Many pharmacies across South Australia will fill prescriptions for hepatitis C medicines.

If you prefer to fill your prescription online, remember:

  • to have a delivery and collection process where the medicine is not compromised by extreme temperatures, and
  • to allow enough time for order processing and so there’s no break in your dosage.

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