Cash Reward for Hep C Treatment – What’s the Sweet Spot?

An innovative study is underway to explore whether paying someone a cash incentive would motivate them to start hepatitis C treatment, and if it does, what level of payment is right. The study will also look at whether paying a GP to prescribe hepatitis C treatment will increase treatment initiation rate.

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Community News at 100 – A Look Back

Before social media and online chat, there were newsletters. People read them, wrote letters to the editor and contributed essays. That’s when our Community News was born – back in 1997, as a platform for discussion and sharing knowledge – part of a nascent hepatitis C information and support service.

Come February 2024, the Community News publishes its 100th issue. In this retrospective, we take a look at how the publication has evolved over the years.

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Guide to Liver Cancer Control

The elimination of hepatitis B and hepatitis C is one of the key strategies outlined in a set of guidelines addressing the alarming rise of liver cancer cases and associated deaths in Australia. Titled the Roadmap to Liver Cancer Control in Australia, other actions recommended in the plan include community awareness raising, and the improvement of access and support to services for communities at higher risk of liver cancer.

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Waking to a New Life

Maureen Cook went from worrying about how long she had to live to planning for a whole new life. It only took her 23 years.

“I found out I had hepatitis C in 2000 when a diligent and insightful GP decided to test me for it after she discovered I had hepatitis B back in 1975. I’d cleared the hep B then and didn’t think about it anymore. Didn’t know I had hep C,” she recalled.

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World Hepatitis Day 2023

The Life, Relationships and Hepatitis B Quiz was the highlight of SA’s 2023 World Hepatitis Day campaign. Available online in four languages, the Quiz included a draw for a $500 Visa card. It ran for just over a month from 28 July to 31 August. There were 441 eligible entries, of which 121 were on paper and 320 online.

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VOTE YES! Communities for the Voice

Community groups like Hepatitis SA are coming forward to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and to say “Yes” to the Voice to Parliament. They include community service organisations, ethnic/cultural associations, diverse faith-based communities and professional bodies.

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