Communities for the Voice

Community groups like Hepatitis SA are coming forward to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and to say “Yes” to the Voice to Parliament. They include community service organisations, ethnic/cultural associations, diverse faith-based communities and professional bodies.

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How Hep C Hides from the Immune System

Danish scientists have solved the question of how the hepatitis C virus (HCV) hides in humans. With a new method for examining virus samples, researchers from the University of Copenhagen have solved a long-standing mystery about how the virus avoids the human body’s immune defence system. The result may have an impact on how we track and treat viral diseases in general. The study has just been published in the scientific journal Nature.

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Stigma and Discrimination in a Post-Cure World – Part 2

In our last post we looked at how researchers at the Gender, Law and Drugs (GLaD) program at La Trobe University, Melbourne, have been running the Post-Cure Lives Project. This was designed to document the post-cure experiences of people successfully treated for hepatitis C,the views of key stakeholders,and latent and emerging discrimination-related challenges in a hepatitis C post-cure world.

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Stigma and Discrimination in a Post-Cure World – Part 1

Readers of this blog will know hepatitis C well as a blood-borne virus which can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure and other major health problems. Along with hepatitis B, it is the primary cause of liver cancer in Australia—the fastest growing cause of cancer death in the country.

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Life, Relationships and Hepatitis B

“Hello…hello,” the woman called to me. “Do you work there?” she asked pointing to the Hepatitis SA office. I nodded.

“Can I talk to you, ask you something?” she continued. She needed to get back to the hospital where she worked; her lunch break was almost over, so we spoke as she walked. Shui* told her story and gave me her contact details.

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HR 23: Strength In Solidarity – Part 2

By Margaret Randle
& Notes from Meagan Stanfield

This was the first Harm Reduction Conference since 2019 and everyone was excited to hear what Australia had been doing as an early adopter of health-based approaches to drug use. I wanted to hear about what was going on in the Southeast Asian region, as they are our closest neighbours and notoriously hard-line on drug users, with alarming rates of incarceration of women and the use of death penalties for drug offences. Sadly, most of the would-be attendees from Southeast Asia were not given visas.

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