Chad Hepatitis E Outbreak

How the dangerous liver disease spreads and how it can be treated Kolawole Oluseyi Akande, University of Ibadan The World Health Organization recently announced an outbreak of hepatitis E in the …

In Our Library: Refugee Week

For refugees: your health – and your liver “Refugees and migrants have a variety of different health needs, shaped by experiences in country of origin, migration journey, host country’s policies, …

In Our Library: Resource Highlights, May 2024

New to our library in May. Selection includes fact sheets and journal articles.

No Printer? No Worries. Print to Your Library!

If, like me, you don’t have a printer at home, but need to print something: don’t fret. If you’re a member of a South Australian public library and have internet …

In Our Library: Living Well with Hepatitis (2)

Part 2 of our Librarian's selection on managing symptoms and other challenges of living with hepatitis.

In Our Library: Resource Highlights, April 2024

New to our library in the April. Selection includes study reports and handy factsheets.

Diabetes and Hepatitis – What’s the Link?

Most people are unaware of the link between diabetes and hepatitis - two chronic conditions common in Australia.

In Our Library: Resource Highlights, March 2024

New titles include dried blood spot testing pilot evaluation, reducing STI BBV stigma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities...

In Our Library: Hepatitis Risks for Young People

There are a number of behaviours relevant to young people that carry a risk of blood-borne virus transmission.

In Our Library: Resource Highlights, February 2024

Browse our new acquisitions. Highlights: Take Blaktion easy read STI information and a report on management of of patients with diabetes and liver diseases.

In Our Library: Living Well with Hepatitis

Part 1 of a selection with information on managing symptoms, maintaining relationships, and staying well physically and mentally.

Liver Cancer Control Roadmap

The elimination of hepatitis B and hepatitis C is one of the key strategies outlined in a set of guidelines addressing the alarming rise of liver cancer cases and associated …

Illustration of a woman relaxing on a sofa with healthy food and headphones, enjoying life in her own way

In Our Library: Voices for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing

Given the evidence of huge disparities it is logical to give the Indigenous communities a valid voice

In Our Library: Men’s Health and Liver Disease

Almost one in five men in Australia wait longer than they feel is acceptable before seeking medical care.