Living with Hepatitis

From the Summit: Sadness, Anger, Call for Action to Stop Hepatitis Deaths

The World Hepatitis Summit has called on governments to put words into action and take concrete steps to reduce the impact of viral hepatitis.

Supporting Women with Hepatitis

Around the world, women living with hepatitis face barriers to getting care and treatment, beyond those faced by their male counterparts. This was the clear message from an international panel …

Diabetes and Hepatitis – What’s the Link?

Most people are unaware of the link between diabetes and hepatitis - two chronic conditions common in Australia.

WHO Releases New Hepatitis B Guidelines

New WHO hep B guidelines: simplified treatment criteria, improved hep D diagnosis, better access to prophylactic treatment for pregnant women.

In Our Library: Living Well with Hepatitis

Part 1 of a selection with information on managing symptoms, maintaining relationships, and staying well physically and mentally.

Waking to a New Life

Maureen Cook went from worrying about how long she had to live to planning for a whole new life. It only took her 23 years. “I only found out I …

image with blue sky, cloud, tree, 3 people. Text: Yes You Can! Thrive wtih hep B, Say Bye to hep C.

World Hepatitis Day 2023

The focus of Hepatitis SA's 2023 World Hepatitis Day campaign was Life, Relationships and Hepatitis B.

Life, Relationships and Hepatitis B

Her nephew had just got engaged and wasn’t sure if he should tell his fiancé’s family about his hepatitis B.

Jake’s Story: Haemophilia & the Hepatitis C Cure

For Jake managing hepatitis C and taking care of his liver health has been a long journey, but every step has been worthwhile.

Haemophilia & Childhood Hep C

For most people who live with haemophilia and were exposed to hepatitis C through their treatment products, before proper testing was introduced, the diagnosis experience was more than 30 years …

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Hepatitis and Children: Part 2 – Hepatitis B and C

In our last post we looked at the mysterious new form of hepatitis affecting young children. But what about hepatitis B and hepatitis C, which are already well known problems …

Hepatitis and Children: Part 1 – The Mystery

An unusual, and probably new, form of hepatitis has appeared in a number of countries this year, first being noticed in the UK, then spreading to Spain and the Netherlands …

Haemophilia and Hepatitis C: My Hepatitis Cure

Hepatitis C was one of the unintended results of haemophilia treatment before blood products could be tested for the virus. Gavin Finkelstein shares his story...

LiverWELL’s Aboriginal Healthy Living Guide: Helping you care for your liver and your mob

Caring for country and for collective wellbeing is something our First Nations have done for over 65,000 years. Hepatitis Victoria's LiverWELL program have launched a customised guide that offers Indigenous Australians multiple tips and current links to support healthy living.