Policies & Research

Chad Hepatitis E Outbreak

How the dangerous liver disease spreads and how it can be treated Kolawole Oluseyi Akande, University of Ibadan The World Health Organization recently announced an outbreak of hepatitis E in the …

How Emergency Departments Fail the Mentally Ill

A serious disconnect between hospital emergency departments and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is failing people with mental health conditions.

Budget 2024 – What’s in it for Viral Hepatitis

There's some welcome funding for the fight to eliminate viral hepatitis but it's disappointing to note that hepatitis B again gets a back seat.

Mobilising the Whole Health System

One of the keys to viral hepatitis elimination is to make hepatitis screening, monitoring and clinical management part of the broader health system, delivered along with other infectious diseases screening and care.

Don’t like injections?A Prick-Free Natural Alternative is on the Horizon

Injections as a form of drug delivery for people with chronic diseases, may one day be a thing of the past. Two Australian university researchers are a step closer to …

Indigenous Peoples Consensus Statement

“We acknowledge all Indigenous peoples around the world here with us and online. We, the presenters of the Indigenous Session at the World Hepatitis Summit 2024 are here to present …

Could many dementia cases actually be liver disease?

A recent study of US veterans found that 10 per cent of those diagnosed with dementia actually had hepatitic encephalopathy, a treatable condition.

WHS Declaration: Reset and Re-invigorate

“To improve the lives of the over 300 million people living with hepatitis, the attendees of the 4th World Hepatitis Summit call for a reset and re-invigoration of the response. …

WHO Warns World: Viral Hepatitis Claiming 3500 Lives Each Day

In 2023, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), presented Egypt with an official certification for becoming the first country to achieve gold-tier status on the …

WHO Releases New Hepatitis B Guidelines

New WHO hep B guidelines: simplified treatment criteria, improved hep D diagnosis, better access to prophylactic treatment for pregnant women.

Global Elimination: Low-Middle Income Countries Need New Financing Strategies

Direct-acting antivirals is the most effective weapon in the fight to eliminate hepatitis C, but access is very dependent on which country you're in.

Hepatitis and Children: Unravelling the Mystery

In 2022 an unusual, and probably new, form of hepatitis began to appear in a number of countries, being first noticed in the UK, then spreading to Spain and the Netherlands …

Australians Called to Act on Truth-Telling

The Close the Gap Campaign has called on Australians to take the initiative to act on truth-telling by undertaking their own processes in their organisations, institutions, professions, and communities to …

Strange Jump in European Hepatitis E Cases

Hepatitis E is relatively rare in Europe, but in recent months there has been a strange and unexpected jump in cases, according to a recent report from the European Centre …