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SAPOL Education

The Hepatitis SA Education Team has successfully negotiated with the South Australian Police (SAPOL) Training & Development branch to deliver ongoing blood safety and viral hepatitis training and education sessions to all operational SAPOL personnel.

In the past Hepatitis SA Education Team have delivered training & education to SAPOL, but this has always been a little ad hoc, with no set times, locations, time frames or even standard length of the education.

This will all change with the new ‘Blood Safety & Viral Hepatitis’ education program. These sessions will have a SAPOL Health Safety & Welfare code attached, with the sessions having an operational focus with key messages and being SAPOL-compliant.

Some of the key messages that will be discussed include understanding hepatitis, blood-borne viruses, vaccinations, treatments and transmission risks. As an operational police officer what do you do if you have received a needlestick injury, or had a blood exposure? What even constitutes an exposure? Who do you notify? What about blood on your clothing? Myths about viral hepatitis will also be discussed and dispelled.

We are hoping to commence this training early in 2024.