Treatment, DAAs, community prescribers

Treatment, DAAs, community prescribers



Prescribing by GPs


Adherence Support

Script Management & Dose Reminders

Smartphone and tablet apps are available for this purpose. Examples include:

Cost of Medicine

Filling Scripts
A map showing pharmacies known to dispense hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals is available on the Hepatitis SA website.

Online: Patients are able to order online from pharmacies that offer this service if they prefer not to visit a pharmacy in person. However, it is important that they consider how they will manage:

  • Temperature control – Medicines shouldn’t be left in a hot mailbox for an extended period. Improperly stored medicines may not be as effective.
  • Script continuity – The online ordering process takes time. The script must be posted once the order is placed, the chemist may need to order the medicine from their supplier which may take up to 48 hours and then the medicine needs to be delivered. Missing doses may make treatment less effective.


Advanced Liver Disease




Prevention in the Community