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LiverWELL’s Aboriginal Healthy Living Guide: Helping you care for your liver and your mob

Caring for country and for collective wellbeing is something our First Nations have done for over 65,000 years. Building on that strength, and informed by community and artists, Hepatitis Victoria’s LiverWELL program have launched a customised guide that offers Indigenous Australians multiple tips and current links to support healthy living.

The Guide, available for viewing and downloading at liverwell.org.au, promotes steps that Aboriginal people can take to look after the health of their liver and promote healthy activity, food and drink in their family and community.

The new resource’s cover

There are higher rates of liver disease in Aboriginal communities and it is getting worse. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are 10 times as likely to be diagnosed with viral hepatitis as non-Aboriginal populations.

Melanie Eagle, LiverWELL CEO, was excited to have the guide available in time for NAIDOC week. “LiverWELL is committed to offering specially designed tools to assist the community to take control of their health and counteract the disproportionate impact of liver disease. We hope that the community will find this a useful resource, and we envisage it evolving over time with further contributions and stories from community members.”

Internal pages from the Aboriginal Healthy Living Guide

Though designed and published in Victoria, the information in the guide is general enough to be useful for Indigenous Australians everywhere, including in South Australia. Designed by Aboriginal graphic designer Sean Miller, it features a number of exciting Indigenous art pieces to add to its appeal. It is endorsed by Creative Director of the ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, Kamarra Bell-Wykes, who is a strong advocate for good liver health in Aboriginal communities, with whom Hepatitis SA has a strong relationship. Her advice? “Love your liver! Love your life! Love yourself!” 

Internal pages from the Aboriginal Healthy Living Guide

Last updated 24 May 2024

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