New RAH Will Accommodate Clinical Trials – Health Minister

Research and clinical trials directly involving patients will have access to clinical settings and flexible workspaces at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), according to Minister for Health, Jack Snelling.

The Minister was responding to a letter from Hepatitis SA Executive Officer, Kerry Paterson, expressing concern over lack of space for clinical trials at the new RAH.

In a letter dated 22 August, he said work was “underway to ensure that research and clinical trials groups operating at the current RAH will be relocated to the new RAH, or to appropriate accommodation within the South Australian Health and Biomedical Precinct“.

According to the SA Health website, the Health and Biomedical Precinct will be the largest in the southern hemisphere. The precinct the backbone of which are the new RAH  the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), will eventually include educational facilities and a focus on biomedical industries.

Minister Snelling said research and clinical trials are an integral part of modern patient treatment and will remain closely aligned and incorporated into clinical services at the new RAH.

“Work is currently underway with research and clinical trials staff to finalise the detail of allocation of space, storage, equipment and patient access to support their integration into the new facility,” he said.

“The placement of research and clinical trials activity at the new RAH and across the Precinct will create new working arrangements between organisations and research groups, which will drive improvements in patient care.

“It will also help to recruit and retain the best Australian and international medical clinicians and researchers.”

The Minister said work to finalise arrangements for accommodating clinical trials will be completed prior to transition to the new RAH.

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