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New resource highlights for July 2020

All resources added in July 2020

COVID-19: hep/liver related

Women's health and COVID-19

ASHM, Sydney, 2020. 33p.
Examines the impact of COVID-19 on women’s health, with a focus on sexual and reproductive health, and blood borne viruses.

Victorian AOD service users’ needs and experiences during the COVID-19 crisis consultation report

APSU & SHARC, Melbourne, 2020. 37p.
Report from consultation with 32 people accessing AOD treatment services between March and May 2020 when COVID-19 restrictions were put in place.

Small case series describes clinical course of patients with COVID-19 and chronic HBV

Infectious Disease Advisor, 2020.1p. article review.
Research found that no patients with both viruses progressed to a severe or critically ill status during hospitalization, but more than ¼  had abnormal liver function tests on admission.

Impacts of COVID-19 and associated restrictions on people who use illicit stimulants in Australia: preliminary findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System 2020

Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney, 2020. 6p.
Identifies emerging trends of local and national concern in illicit drug markets: this 2020 survey is adapted to collect important data on people’s experiences during COVID-19.

Key findings from the ‘Australians’ Drug Use: Adapting to Pandemic Threats’ (ADAPT) Study

NDARC,  Sydney, 2020. 4p.
Changes in drug use, harm reduction behaviours, and drug/mental health treatment pre/post COVID-19 in a sample of Australians who use illicit drugs.

ASHM COVID-19 Taskforce update on registered COVID-19 studies in Australia and New Zealand

ASHM, Sydney, 2020. 16p.
Contains info and chart of elected COVID-19 treatment, prevention, observational and psychological studies and registries in Australasia at May 31st 2020

General Reference (inc. Statistics)

National drug strategy household survey 2019

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra, 2020. 104p.
Contents inc: illicit drug use, use by geographic areas, priority groups. Brief report also available.

Viral hepatitis mapping project: geographic diversity in chronic hep B and C prevalence, management and treatment (National Report 2018-19)

ASHM, WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis, Peter Doherty Institute for Infection & Immunity, Sydney, 2020. 126p.
Contains updated estimates of chronic hep B & C prevalence, management & treatment at a state, territory, Primary Health Network, and Stat Area 3 level.

Transmission & Prevention

Cost-effective tools to reduce the spread of the Hepatitis C Virus in people who inject drugs

Bristol University PolicyBriefing, Bristol, 2020. 4p.
This study evaluates the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of needle and syringe programmes (NSP) and the use of low dead space syringes in reducing spread of HCV.

Biting, spitting and hepatitis for emergency and corrective services

Hepatitis Queensland, Brisbane, 2020. 2p. infographic
How  hep b and c are, and are not, transmitted, with info about prevention, testing and treatment measures.

Review of the medically supervised injecting room (MSIR)

Medically Supervised Injecting Room Review Panel, Melbourne, 2020.  139p.
Many MSIR service users have accessed other health and support services and the MSIR has provided screening, assessment and treatment initiation for blood-borne infections.

Episode #25 Sexually Transmissible Infections

Family Planning Vic, Melbourne, 2020. 15:31 min podcast
The effect of undiagnosed STI's, availability of treatment, importance for young people to be able to ask for testing and discuss with sexual partners. 

The role of prison-based interventions for hep C virus micro-elimination among people who inject drugs in Montréal, Canada

International Journal of Drug Policy (via Elsevier), New York, 2020.  Detailed abstract.
Prison-based test-and-treat strategies could lead to the greatest declines in incidence over 2018–2030 and prevent the most new 1st  chronic infections.

HIV [hep B, C] testing people who spit at police or health workers won’t actually protect them

The Conversation, Melb/Sydney, 2020. 4p.
People who expose police or emergency workers to body fluids would be compelled to have blood tests for HIV, hep B and C under proposed NSW law but as a transmission risk this is not supported by evidence.

Treatment Related

Tx! MAG #35: No fake news mate, those new hep C treatments work!

Hepatitis NSW, Sydney, 2020. Comic 29p.
HEP C! Are new hep C cures for real? Can you be retreated if needed? A ‘no fake news’ mythbuster edition.

Integrating care for chronic liver disease, mental health & substance use disorders

Federal Practitioner (via US National Lib of Medicine), , Bethesda, 2018. 9p.
Depressive disorders found in many patients with liver disease: better screening and integrated/multidisciplinary care is needed.


How chronic stress changes the brain: and what you can do to reverse the damage

The Conversation, Melbourne, Sydney. 4p.
This article outlines some of the health and mental health impacts of repeated stress, and what you can do to ameliorate the impacts.

Education & Training

Australian national guidelines for the management of health careworkers living with BBVs & healthcare workers who perform exposure prone procedures at risk of exposure to BBVs

Communicable Diseases Network Australia, Canberra, 2018. 50p.
Guidelines for health care workers and public health authorities when managing risk situations.

Groups & Settings

Learn more about hepatitis C from Prem, Priya and O’Liver

Hep Aust & Hep Vic, Canberra, 2020.  Video 1:20 minutes
Animation: learn more about hepatitis C risk factors, symptoms, and a safe cure from Prem and Priya from the Indian community.

A “one stop liver shop” approach improves the cascade-of-care for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians living with chronic hep B in the Nth Territory

Int Jn for Equity in Health, London, 2020. 7p.
Developed with and including Aboriginal Health Practitioners this approach bridges gaps in the availability of services in a very remote community and improves the cascade of care.

Overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status, 2019

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, Perth, 2020. 111p.
Contains information about selected health conditions (including Hepatitis), risk and protective factors.


Hepatitis C elimination in NSW: monitoring and evaluation report, 2019

Kirby Institute, Sydney, 2020. 70p.
Account of progress towards hep C elimination in NSW, as framed by state, national, and global strategies.

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