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New resource highlights for November 2022

All resources added in November 2022

COVID-19: hep/liver related

Time-series analysis of presentations to four syringe dispensing machines (SDMs) and a needle and syringe programme during COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia

Springer Nature, London, 2022. 6p.
COVID-19 saw disruptions and adaptations to the provision of harm reduction services. It is possible that SDMs filled the gap - this paper explores changes to harm reduction usage during lockdowns.

General (inc. Statistics)

Australia’s progress towards hepatitis C elimination. Annual report 2022

Burnet Institute and Kirby Institute, Melbourne, 2022. 90p.
Monitors trends in data from measurement of new infections, counts of people tested and treated, and people receiving hepatitis C related liver transplants, through to projections based on mathematical modelling.

Diagnosis & Assessment

Implementation of novel quality assurance program for hepatitis C viral load point of care testing

MDPI, Basel, 2022. 11p.
This approach incudes the ID and validation of samples that are inactivated and stable at ambient temperature and the development of a smart phone-enabled portal for data entry and analyses.

Hep C peers – Steve and Jase

Hepatitis NSW, Sydney, 2022. Video 4:03 minutes
Shot at a drop-in centre for people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness, 2 peers talk about their work helping facilitate testing and treatment for people who often face barriers accessing health care.

Transmission & Prevention

Remind me: register for a sexual health check-up reminder

Aust Federation of AIDS Organisations, Anwernekenhe National HIV Alliance, Sydney, 2022. Webpage.
How to receive free and confidential reminders (either as an email or SMS) to go for a sexual health check-up. Part of the ‘Better to Know’ resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Three-dose hepatitis B vaccine regimen protects people with HIV

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bethesda, 2022. 3p.
People living with HIV are at greater risk of liver-related illness and death when co-infected with HBV. A 3 dose course of a hep B vaccine fully protected adults living with HIV who had never been vaccinated against or infected with HBV.

Persistent transmission of HCV among men who have sex with men despite widespread screening and treatment with direct-acting antivirals

MDPI, Basel, 2022. 8p.
HCV infections among MSM in the Netherlands and Belgium are clustered and highly suitable for targeted strategies, such as contact tracing and partner notification. But despite HCV reduction after DAA HCV transmission persisted in the same clusters.

Treatment Related

Decentralisation of hepatitis C virus care into community settings: a key approach on the path to elimination

US Nat Library of Medicine, Bethesda, 2021. 3p.
Overview of a study of a community-embedded nurse-led model of HCV care (MoC) for those attending alcohol and other drug (AOD) services in Melbourne, Australia.

HCV microelimination in harm reduction centres has benefits beyond HCV cure but is hampered by high reinfection rates

JHEP Reports (via Elsevier), London, 2022. 9p.
Hep C treatment has benefits beyond cure, including improving quality of life and decreasing injection risk practices. But intrinsic barriers and the high reinfection rates hamper microelimination in this setting.

Political neglect and corporate greed: a panel discussion on finding and treating the #MissingMillions with TB + HCV

Treatment Action Group, New York, 2022. 4p.
There are still many preventable AIDS deaths each year, many caused by TB and HCV – 2 prominent HIV coinfections. This panel discusses opportunities for expanding access to care and cures.


Hepatitis B and mental health

Hepatitis Australia, Canberra, 2020. 2p.
People with chronic hepatitis B have higher rates of depression and anxiety than the general population. This article looks at why this happens, and what we can do about it including diagnosis, treatment, getting healthy, meds and finding support.

Education & Trainng

Peer health mentors work to improve connection to hep C treatment after release from prisons in BC

You Matter, Vancouver, 2022. 2p.
Peers from discuss the ‘TestLinkCall’ Project which, as part of their support, provides a cell phone for social contact and access to hep C treatment and follow up.


Mandatory testing orders factsheet

ASHM, NAPWHA, SWOP, et al, Canberra, 2022. 2p.
Information for people who are the subject of a Mandatory Testing Order: a new law that gives police and other public service workers in NSW the power to force people to test for HIV and other blood-borne diseases.

Spotlight on hepatitis B

UNSW Community, Sydney, 2022. Video 1:00:31
Seminar presented by Chari Cohen, Catherine Freeland, Yasmin Ibrahim, Thomas Tu and facilitated by Carla Treloar for the UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health.

Groups & Settings

Powerful and free: an honest conversation about hepatitis B

Hepatitis Queensland, Brisbane, 2022. 5:19 min video
The story of Bec’s experience with hep B: since her diagnosis Bec has come to understand there is a lack of understanding about hep B - both from health care providers and Indigenous community.


Find the missing millions. In-country advocacy report

World Hepatitis Alliance, Geneva, 2022. 14p.
The advocacy program aimed to support WHA members to develop and implement action plans to overcome barriers to diagnosis in their community. The 5 countries featured are Armenia, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Ghana and Indonesia.

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