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New resource highlights for August 2019

Selection of resources added in August 2019

General Reference (inc. Statistics)

Surveillance of STIs & BBVs in South Australia, 2018

SA Health Communicable Disease Control Branch, Adelaide, 2019
Epidemiological report with main findings  presented as text, tables and figures.

National viral hepatitis mapping project online portal

ASHM, Melbourne, 2019
An interactive, customisable tool for exploring the geographic diversity of viral hepatitis in Australia.

Monitoring hep C treatment uptake in Aust: Initiations of new treatment for chronic hep C from 2016 to 2018

Kirby Institute, Sydney, 2019
Issue 10: summarises data on the prescription and distribution of hepatitis C treatments and provides insight into the initial phase of the roll-out of DAA therapy in Australia.

Australian NSP survey national data report 2014-2018: prevalence of HIV, HCV & injecting & sexual behaviour ..

Kirby Institute, Sydney, 2019
Results show there are significantly fewer people living with hep C, but also, that the risk of transmitting hep C has more than halved since the introduction of the new treatments.

National survey of secondary students & sexual health 2018

ARCSHS, Melbourne, 2018
Results of the 6th national survey inform the national strategies to prevent HIV, STIs and BBVs  as well as providing information to improve service provision and education across multiple sectors.

Diagnosis & Assessment

Find the missing millions. Overcoming the barriers to diagnosis...

World Hepatitis Alliance, Geneva, 2019
Information about diagnosis, accessing testing (and barriers), reducing costs, case studies, raising awareness, advocacy and the role of civil society.

Pipeline report 2019: HCV diagnostics

Treatment Action Group, New York, 2019
Contains global data about diagnostic options and advocacy points for companies, donors, governments and implementing partners.

What to know about the GGT test

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2019
Used to diagnose liver problems. This article looks at the purpose and procedure of the GGT test, normal ranges, and what abnormal ranges can mean.

Transmission & Prevention

Hep B & C: busting the myths

Hepatitis Victoria, Melbourne, 2019
Some myths about viral hepatitis just don't die. This simple, colourful poster explains clearly what they are.

Let’s talk about it: hepatitis, HIV and STIs

Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, Brisbane, 2019
People who were born, have lived or travelled overseas may be at higher risk of getting these infections. This booklet provides info about these infections, tests and treatment.

Infection prevention and control

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, Sydney, 2019
Guidelines, signage, e-learning and reports to support healthcare workers & health organisations with infection prevention & control practices.

Early contact with needle-exchange programme reduces hep C infection

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholme, 2019
Female, homeless or amphetamine injecting drug users often share needles and run a higher risk of hep C. Research demonstrates early contact with needle-exchange can have a protective effect.

Sexual health-related knowledge, attitudes & practices of young people in Aust

Sydney: Centre for Social Research in Health, 2019
Results from this 2018 Survey provide guidance for the strengthening and tailoring of sexual health promotion campaigns and other initiatives.

Hair removal: client health information

Vic Dept of Human Services, Melbourne,
While the risk of infection from these procedures is low, there are a few points to keep in mind when undergoing these treatments.

Treatment & Research

Hep C: get cured!

Hepatitis SA, Adelaide, 2019
Contains information about treatment and services for patients and GPs (including video and self assessment quiz).

Pipeline report 2019: HCV treatment

Treatment Action Group, New York, 2019
Contains global data about treatment options and advocacy points for companies, donors, governments and implementing partners.

Assessing the safety of direct-acting antiviral agents for hepatitis C

JAMA Network Open, 2019
Study of 33,808 patients in 3 health systems: DAA exposure was associated with lower odds of experiencing death, multiple organ failure, hepatic decompensation, acute-on-chronic liver event, and arrhythmia.

C Change: curing hep C

Hepatitis NSW, Sydney, 2019.
3 fold brochure with a brief overview of testing, treatment and cure.


Eating low salt: tips for reducing sodium for people with liver disease

Hepatitis SA, Adelaide, 2019
Options for if you need to reduce your sodium intake, with suggestions for other information sources and some simple recipes.

Groups & Settings

Early antiviral therapy reduces HBsAg in infantile hepatitis B infection

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York, 2019
Infants with hep B treated with antiviral therapy within 12 months of life showed rapid HBV surface antigen loss when compared with those left untreated during the 1st year.

Ask your doctor for a hepatitis B test

Cancer Council Victoria, Melbourne, 2017
Poster in English, Sudanese Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Somali and Vietnamese, encouraging patients to speak to their doctor about testing and treatment for hep B.


HCV Action & British Viral Hep Group national hep C ODN stakeholder event

HCV Action, London, 2019
Notes on the patient perspective, the peer support model, and tackling hepatitis C in drug services, prisons and community pharmacies. (ODN: Operational Delivery Networks).

Education & Training

AHA consensus-based nursing guidelines for the care of people with hep B, hep C, advanced liver disease & HCC

Aust Hepatology Assoc, Melbourne, 2019
Includes: nurse’s role, interdisciplinary coordination & care, non-discriminatory practice, self-care & development, & clinical/ community leadership.

Australian STI management guidelines for use in primary care: men who have sex with men

Australian Sexual Health Alliance, Canberra, 2016
Contains: overview, testing advice, follow up and auditable outcomes. Links to tracing info and patient fact sheets.

5 questions to ask your doctor or healthcare provider

NPS MedicineWise. Sydney, 2017
Some tests, treatments, and procedures provide little benefit...and may even cause harm. Use the 5 questions to make sure you end up with the right amount of care.

What Works & Why (W3) project: impact analysis

Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, Melbourne, 2019
Looking at peer-based and peer-led programs in HIV and hep C: a collaboration with 10 community peer-led organisations.

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