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General Reference (inc. Statistics)

Self-report and serological HCV status amongst people who inject drugs

Nat. Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney, 2019. 1p.
Data from interviews conducted in Sydney and Canberra: estimated number of people who inject drugs in Aust. 15-64 years: 68,800 - 118,000, estimated 20% having viraemic infection.

2nd Australasian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Conference: key findings report

Aust Society for HIV, Viral Hep & Sexual Health Medicine, Sydney, 2019. 31p.
Reports from clinicians, community, researchers and policymakers.

Australian drug trends 2019: key findings from the illicit drug reporting system (IDRS) interviews

Nat Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney, 2019
Multiple resources with findings from interviews conducted annually from 2000-2019 with a cross-sectional sentinel group of people who regularly inject drugs recruited from all capital cities

Crystal methamphetamine use, routes of administration and use of commercial ball pipes among people who inject drugs in Australia

Nat Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney, 2019
New info from respondents about experiences smoking crystal meth, and what they did when they could not source a commercial ball pipe (inc. injecting).

Diagnosis & Assessment

Simplified monitoring for hepatitis C is as effective as standard monitoring

Infohep, London,  2019. 2p.
Simplified monitoring of hep C viral load tests at the beginning of treatment and 12 wks after results in cure rates equivalent to intensive monitoring during treatment (Aust study).

Public health guidance in brief on HIV, hepatitis B and C testing in the EU/EEA: an integrated approach

European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control, Stockholm, 2019. 8p.
"Latest evidence to help develop, implement, monitor and evaluate testing guidelines and programs.

Point-of-care hepatitis C testing from needle and syringe programs: An Australian feasibility study

Int Jn of Drug Policy (via Elsevier), London, 2019. 8p.
Details of HCV point-of-care tests, follow-up and linkage to treatment through NSPs acceptable to PWID.

New report builds on evidence for expanding hepatitis C testing, and offering hepatitis C treatment, in pharmacies

London Joint Working Group on Substance Use & Hepatitis C, London, 2019. 1p.
Review of ‘phase 2’ of the pilot with positive results for pharmacy testing and treatment. Provides links to full reports.

Transmission & Prevention

Low HCV reinfection after direct-acting antiviral therapy among people who inject drugs

Hepatitis Advisor, New York, 2019. 1p.
"Evidence that HCV reinfection rates are low among PWID; but data strongly indicate that reinfection is driven by ongoing IDU after treatment even among PWID on opioid agonist therapy.”

Hepatitis B vaccines for Australians

Nat Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance, Sydney, 2019. 13p.
Information on hepatitis B disease and the available vaccines to assist immunisation providers in the delivery of hepatitis B vaccinations.

The contribution of injection drug use to hepatitis C virus transmission globally, regionally, and at country level: a modelling study

The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology, London, 2019. 2p abstract.
Findings showed that any intervention that can reduce HCV transmission among people who inject drugs will have a pronounced effect on country-level incidence of HCV.

Local and international transmission trends of hepatitis C virus in MSM

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York 2019. 2p.
Among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Switzerland, both domestic and international transmission of hepatitis C virus infection have contributed significantly to the HCV epidemic.

Treatment & Research

The role of complementary medicine in hepatitis B

Aust Society for HIV, Viral Hep & Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM), Sydney, 2018. 12p.
Apart from the situation of vit D deficiency, there are no convincing data that CMs alter the course of the illness significantly but patients may experience an improvement in symptoms and wellbeing.

Life projects: the transformative potential of direct-acting antiviral treatment for hepatitis C among people who inject drugs

Int Jn of Drug Policy (via Elsevier), New York, 2019. 8p.
Explores how IDU may affect treatment success and implications for decisions around whether/when to treat PWID.

Drug and alcohol behaviors with direct-acting antiviral treatment in HCV

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York, 2019. 3p.
People on opioid agonist therapy or with recent history of injecting: alcohol and drug use remained unchanged or decreased; needle sharing decreased gradually yet significantly during/ after treatment.


Healthy recipes

MedLine Plus, Bethesda, 2019. Searchable webpages
Tasty, healthy meals to help develop a healthy eating pattern: includes fat-free or low fat dairy, low saturated fats, trans fats, added sugars, and salt.

My passport (Hepatic Encephalopathy patient ‘passport’)

British Liver Trust, London, 2019. 19p.
Help patients keep track of important information related to the condition and includes a small ‘patient alert card’ for use with Healthcare Professionals.

Education & Training

Treatment support for people experiencing homelessness

HCV Action, UK, 2019. 4p.
Case study from homelessness charity Harbour Housing (Cornwall) who have a dedicated bed to support people with HCV experiencing homelessness.

What’s new in HIV and hep C? A Deadly Sex Networking update for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers

Aust Society for HIV, Viral Hep & Sexual Health Medicine, Sydney, 2019. 45 min webinar
Provides the latest news and supports discussion with clients and community on testing, prevention, current treatments and management.

HCV treatments quick reference tool

Aust Society for HIV, Viral Hep & Sexual Health Medicine, Sydney, 2019. 2p.
Chart showing treatment options for each genotype based on presence of cirrhosis and treatment experience; includes a quick reference treatment and post-treatment monitoring table.

Stigma & Discrimination

Tx! Mag: stigma and discrimination

Hepatitis NSW, Sydney 2019. 29p.
Comic-style stories about how to deal with discrimination in health services and how to disclose to new partners. Also contains treatment info, word games, sudoku and competitions.

Groups & Settings

Trends in chronic hep B prevalence in Australian women by country of birth, 2000 to 2016

Jn of Viral Hepatitis, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, 2019. 7p.
Antenatal HBV testing can inform prevalence estimates and vaccine program impact in countries with limited surveillance/high migration to Aust.

What’s hepatitis C reinfection got to do with it?

Poz,  New York, 2018.  6p.
Ending the epidemic is going to require addressing the fact that certain individuals, including men who have sex with men, are at high risk of reinfection after a cure.


2019 European drug report: trends and developments

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs & Drug Addiction, Lisbon, 2019.  94p.
Presents a top-level overview, covering drug supply, use and public health problems as well as drug policy and responses.

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