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New resource highlights for February 2024

All resources added in February

COVID-19: liver related

The liver and COVID

LiverHealthPOD,  Melbourne, 2023. 18:32 min podcast
John, Paul and Will are three Liver Doctors (Hepatologists) who chat about the effects of COVID on the liver (if any) and how it may affect people who have existing liver health issues.

General reference/statistics

Hepatitis A? B? C? D?

Hepatitis SA, Adelaide, 2021. 3 fold brochure.
Introduction to the three main types of viral hepatitis - A B and C, plus a secondary form slowing gaining more attention - hepatitis D. (May need to turn off ad-blockers to view). Free printed copies from

Adjusted estimate of the prevalence of hepatitis delta virus in 25 countries and territories

Journal of Hepatology via European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), Geneva, 2023. 12p.
This study aimed to better understand the burden in 25 countries and territories and to refine techniques that can be used in future analyses.

Diagnosis & symptoms

Management of diabetes mellitus in patients with chronic liver diseases

Jn of Diabetes Research, Bethesda MD, 2019. 9p.
Research into diabetes shows a close correlation with hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Moreover, coexistence of liver complications would accelerate the deterioration of patients with diabetes.

Evaluation of a person-centred, nurse-led model of care delivering hep C testing and treatment in priority settings: a mixed-methods evaluation of the Tasmanian Eliminate Hep C Aust Outreach Project, 2020–2022

BMC Public Health, (Springer Nature), London, 2023. 14p.
Providing outreach hep C services in community-based services was effective in education, testing, and care. Nurse-led, person-centred care was critical to the success of the project.

CDC recommendations for hepatitis C testing among perinatally exposed infants and children - United States, 2023

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, 2023. 19p.
Approximately 6%–7% of perinatally exposed (i.e., during pregnancy or delivery) infants and children will acquire HCV infection. However, many perinatally infected children are not tested or linked to care.

Emergency department bloodborne virus opt-out testing: 12-month interim report 2023

UK Health Security Agency, London, 2023. 45p.
The scale of the programme makes it a substantial contribution to all BBV testing in England, with the number of tests done equivalent to more than half of all BBV tests done in general practice (GP), sexual health, drug and prison services combined.

Neurological and psychiatric effects of hepatitis C virus infection

World Jn of Gastroenterology (via US National Library of Medicine), Bethesda MD, 2021. 17p.
Overview of neurological and psychiatric disorders in patients with hepatitis C virus infection, the underlying pathogenetic mechanisms and the effect of new direct-acting antivirals on extrahepatic symptoms.

Living with hepatitis B and diabetes

Hepatitis B Foundation, Doylestown PA, 2022. 3p. blog post
Dr. Tatyana Kushner, Theresa Worthington, and Marcia Mukanga Lange from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to explain more about the relationship between hepatitis B and Diabetes. 

Hepatitis B and C virus infection and diabetes mellitus: a cohort study.

Scientific Reports via Springer Nature, London, 2017. 7p.
Since diabetes is a major concern in public health, it is very important to establish if chronic viral hepatitis is associated with an increased risk of diabetes prior to the development of end-stage liver disease.

Transmission & prevention

Take Blaktion

Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW & NSW Government, Sydney, 2024. Website.
Comprehensive information about sexual health by, and for, Aboriginal people. Includes ‘Ask Nurse Nettie’ (confidential online chat), videos, clinic locations, and quizzes.

Diabetes and hepatitis B: what you need to know

Hawaiian State Department of Health, Honolulu , 2018. 1p.
Brief information about hepatitis B and how to protect yourself if you have diabetes.


Barriers and solutions to increasing access to point-of-care HCV testing

Int. Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU), Zurich, 2023. 23p.
Recommendations from the 2023 INHSU Hepatitis C Point-of-Care Testing Forum, Australia. Incl: key barriers and solutions, components of successful programs and examples of pilot programs.

I have hepatitis C and chronic kidney disease. Is hep C treatment hard on kidneys?

Smart+Strong, New York, 2024. 1p.
Brief article with links to recommended hepatitis C treatment for people with renal impairment and treatment recommendations for kidney transplant patients.


Advocate: holistic health

Network of Alcohol & other Drug Agencies (NADA), Sydney, 2023. 29p.
Magazine for people working in AOD services. Includes articles on healthy mouths, health lives, let’s get physical, how to promote holistic health, unmasking eating disorders, holiday harm reduction.

What are the 5 best sources for prebiotics?

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2023. 5p.
Maintaining gut health is important with hepatitis. Probiotics have become commonplace when looking to achieve a healthy diet but prebiotics are just as important in building a healthy gut.

Education & training

Check your ‘fun parts’: what a new sexual health campaign for young Aussies gets right and wrong

The Conversation, Melbourne Sydney, 2024. 5p.
A review of The Australian government’s recently launched campaign, Beforeplay, to promote better sexual health among young people. Includes links to relevant research and websites.

Rights & discrimination

Media stigmatising of alcohol and drug use

SA Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (SANDAS), Adelaide, 2023. 56p.
Stigma and misapprehensions surrounding drug use lie at the roots of hostile alcohol and other drugs (AOD) depictions in media narratives. This report contains recommendations for journalistic content, training/education, and policy/community leaders (including politicians).

Groups & settings


Aust Govt Dept of Health and Aged Care, Canberra, 2024. Website.
Comprehensive information about sexual health for young people. Covers: prevention, testing, local services and resources (videos, posters, fact sheets and FAQs – some available in translations).

Ko hono mahino‘i ‘o e mahaki tauhi ‘ate pupula’: understanding chronic hepatitis B

Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand, Whakatāne, 2019. 8p. brochure
In the Tongan language: includes transmission, treatment, prevention, stages of liver disease and how to take care of your liver.

Insights from the scale-up and implementation of the Deadly Liver Mob program across 9 sites in NSW, Australia

Harm Reduction Journal, London, 2023. 14p.
Client and staff insights into the successes and challenges of the DLM program according to the RE-AIM framework, which explores reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance.

Study estimates hepatitis C infection seroprevalence in pregnant women

News-Medical.Net, Manchester, 2023.  4p article review
This quantitative synthesis comprised 192 studies, which was equivalent to 208 seroprevalence surveys covering over 148 million pregnant women from 53 countries.

Hepatitis C in prisons: key takeaways from INHSU 2023 

Int Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU), Zurich, 2023. 6p. plus links to PPT presentations.
The conference included sessions that addressed healthcare in prisons, providing an opportunity to share the latest research and innovations in successful prison models of care from a number of countries.

Strategies & related

Australian priority statement: with concerted action we can find a cure for hepatitis B

Australian Centre for Hepatitis Virology, the Doherty Institute and Hepatitis Australia, Australia, 2023. 2p.
Statement, developed by Australian delegates who attended the International Hepatitis B Meeting 2023 Community Forum, that outlines the 4 key Australian priorities for action.

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