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New resource hightlights for October 2021

All resources added in October 2021

General (inc. statistics)

Disease expenditure in Australia 2018-19

AIHW, Canberra, 2021. Webpages; 14p. report
The Burden of Disease conditions list contains 219 conditions (inc. hep B and C) in an interactive, searchable format as well as a downloadable web report.

HIV and STIs in Australia: 2021 annual report of trends in behaviour

CSRH, Sydney, 2021. 44p.
The material reflects the prevention, care and treatment cascades for HIV and STIs. Inc: gay and bisexual men and HIV prevention; testing for HIV and STIs; and stigma.

Australia’s annual overdose report 2021

Penington Institute, Melbourne, 2021. 165p.
Overdose deaths are calculated to cost more than $15.5 billion every year. The cost to the families is impossible to calculate. This report contains findings that should prompt a shift to drug policies based on lived experience and research. Register to receive via email (free).


Diagnosis, evaluation, and management of ascites, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and hepatorenal syndrome: 2021 practice guidance by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

AASLD (vi Wiley), Melbourne, 2021. 35p.
This is a comprehensive guidance on the diagnosis, evaluation, and management of ascites and hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) in patients with chronic liver disease.

Hepatitis C and joint pain: What is the link?

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2021. 4p.
Hepatitis C often does not always cause symptoms, but if the infection becomes chronic, it can cause complications over time. One of these is joint inflammation and pain.

What is hepatitis C viral load?

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2021. 5p. article
A hep C viral load can indicate if people have an active infection or whether treatment is reducing levels of the virus. This article explores hep C tests, what their results mean, and who requires testing.

Transmission & Prevention

Needle and syringe provision: minimum standards checklist

Humankind, Bowburn, Durham, 2021. 2p.
Aims to ensure that individuals receive service based on best practice in harm reduction principles from well informed and responsive staff and volunteers.

Smarter body art

Hepatitis ACT, Canberra, 2020. 14p.
Info about hep B & C , how to stay safe if getting a tattoo, legal requirements for tattooing (age of consent etc), and how to check whether tattooists are using safe practices. Versions for those who identify as girls and for those who identify as boys).

TraP HepC: a nation-wide, multidisciplinary program aimed at eliminating the public health threat of hepatitis C viral infections

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York, 2021. 2p article review.
In Iceland between 2016 and 2019, the free ‘treatment as prevention for hep C’ (TraP HepC) program was offered to all individuals with HCV. The program also included NSPs and offered medication-assisted opioid treatment.

Is hepatitis C sexually transmitted?

Hepatitis Victoria, Melbourne, 2018. 2p.
Contains general hep C transmission risks, sexual transmission, sex and relationships, and safe sex and STIs.


Drug‐induced liver injury in Aust, 2009–2020: increasing proportion of non‐paracetamol cases linked with herbal / dietary supplements

Medical Journal of Australia, Sydney, 2021. 8p.
The proportion of cases caused by herbal and dietary supplements has increased since 2009.

Hepatitis C outreach treatment project: nurse led outreach model of care

Sexual Health & Blood-borne Virus Applied Research and Evaluation Network (SiREN), Perth, 2019. Video 1:44 minutes
Peer-based outreach to providing testing and treatment people who find it difficult to get access to regular healthcare.

Prescribing of direct-acting antiviral therapy by general practitioners for people with hepatitis C in an unrestricted treatment program

Medical Journal of Australia, Sydney, 2021. Early view free then abstract only
The continuing increase in the number of GPs prescribing DAA and the number treating single patients suggest that GPs are gaining confidence in prescribing DAA therapy.

Hep C treatment at a Swedish needle exchange program, a successful model of care - the ACTIONNE study

Int J Drug Policy (via National Library of Medicine), Bethesda MA, 2021. 1p. article abstract.
Study shows that the Needle Exchange Programs can be a useful tool for engaging actively injecting PWID in HCV management.


What are the benefits of fruit for your liver?

Hepatitis ACT, Canberra, 2020. 7p.
Information about the vitamin and mineral content (and what that means) and daily recommended intake of a range of fruits that are beneficial for liver health.

Why are veggies good for your liver?

Hepatitis ACT, Canberra, 2020. 3p.
Information about the vitamin and mineral content and daily recommended intake of a range of vegetables that are beneficial for liver health.


Spotlight on stigma: introduction to stigma for the BBV workforce

UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health, Sydney, 2021. Video seminar 1 hour
Carla Treloar facilitated a seminar as part of the Spotlight in Stigma series with presentations by Loren Brener, Timothy Broady, Darryl O’Donnell (AFAO) and Aaron Cogle (NAPWHA).

Impact of stigma on people living with chronic hepatitis B

Patient Related Outcome Measures (via PubMed Central), Bethesda MD. 2020. 13p.
HBV-related stigma is common, particularly in some countries in SE Asia and the Western Pacific region and among Asian immigrant communities. Initiatives are needed to document and combat stigma.

Groups & Settings

Cracks in the ice: information and resources about ice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Matilda Centre, Sydney, 2021. Website
aims to support and empower individuals and communities working to address ice use and related harms - fact pages available in language.


Hepatitis Queensland, Brisbane, 2021. Website
Hep B information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (community and service providers) including:  testing, vaccination, healthy lifestyle and how to find clinics ans service providers (Qld based).

Poster: Achieving micro-elimination in prisons through High Intensity Test and Treat (HITT) interventions (in prisons)

Hepatitis C Trust, London, 2021. Conference poster.
Aims to demonstrate that entire prison populations can be safely tested for HCV within 5 days and rapidly initiated on treatment, thereby micro-eliminating HCV in individual prisons.

“That was quick, simple, and easy”: patient perceptions of acceptability of point-of-care hep C RNA testing at a reception prison

Int. Journal of Drug Policy (via Elsevier), New York, 2021. 1p. detailed abstract.
People entering custody perceive fingerstick HCV RNA point-of-care testing preferable to standard testing: prison health authorities should consider role of opt-out point-of-care RNA testing upon prison entry.

Hepatitis B and liver cancer: community awareness, knowledge and beliefs of Middle Eastern migrants in Sydney, Australia

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Basel, 2021. 11p.
Interviews with community leaders and focus groups which sought to identify hepatitis and liver cancer knowledge and awareness among local Arabic and Assyrian-speaking communities in Western Sydney.

Crystal clear podcast: crystal, pleasures and sex between men.

Centre for Social Research in Health, Sydney, 2019. 3x podcasts
Series of podcasts about negotiating pleasures and risk around sex on crystal. May contain explicit language.

Strategy Related

Reset and rebuild: a recovery plan for sexual health and blood borne virus services.

Scottish Government (Riaghaltas na h-Alba), Edinburgh, 2021. 28p.
Looks at impact of Covid-19 on Sexual Health and BBV services, and plans for recovering ground lost during the pandemic, noting hep C treatment targets 2020-21 were suspended and service closures impacted opportunities for diagnosis.


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