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New resource highlights for June 2021

All resources added in June 2021

COVID-19: hep/liver related

COVID-19 vaccination in patients with gastrointestinal and liver disorders

Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA), Melbourne, 2021. 5p.
The latest information about the concerns, safety, efficacy, choices etc. for people with liver disease.

COVID-19 and liver disease: mechanistic and clinical perspectives

Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology, London, 2021. 17p.
Discusses the hepatotropism of SARS-CoV-2, the liver histology features present in patients with COVID-19, and an overview of the pattern and relevance of abnormal liver biochemistry during COVID-19.

COVID 19 case studies: hepatitis. peripheral ischemia, and pulmonary embolism

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York, 2021. 5p. conference review
Summaries of a selection of COVID 19 cases (shared at American Academy of PAs conference) including patients with acute hepatitis, peripheral ischemia, or bilateral pulmonary embolism.

General Reference (inc. Statistics)

Trends in, and characteristics associated with, trouble accessing sterile needles and syringes among people who inject drugs in Sydney, New South Wales.

National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), Sydney, 2021. 9p.
Highlights the percentage of participants amongst a sample of people who regularly inject drugs in Sydney, NSW who reported having trouble accessing sterile needles in the past month, from 2011-2019.

Hepatitis Delta

Hepatitis Australia, Canberra, 2021. 2p factsheet
Also called Hepatitis D. General information about how is it transmitted, who is at risk, symptoms and treatment.

Diagnosis & Assessment

Why don’t people who use drugs know about hepatitis C elimination?

Int Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU), Zurich, 2021. 4p.
Feedback from a series of point-of-care-testing (POCT) events led by people who use drugs, for people who use drugs. One of the main takeaways was that people who use drugs preferred other people with lived experience to do POCT.

Mobile testing van hits streets of Western Sydney to help save people from hepatitis C

ABC News, Western Sydney, 2021. 5p. news article
The program is staffed by peers and medical staff and aims to reach pockets of the community that are being missed by other programs.

Concordance between self‐reported and current hepatitis C virus infection status in a sample of people who inject drugs in Sydney and Canberra, Australia

Drug & Alcohol Review (via Wiley Online), 2021. 1p. detailed abstract
Evaluation of self-reported and serologically confirmed HCV status concordance among a sample of Australian people who inject drugs.

Transmission & Prevention

Can hepatitis C be transmitted to a fetus?

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2021. 7p.
Looks at exposure to HCV before or during birth, whether the virus can affect pregnancys, and how doctors diagnose and treat the infection in children.

Homelessness, unstable housing, and risk of HIV and hepatitis C virus acquisition among people who inject drugs: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The Lancet Public Health, London, 2021. 15p open access.
Findings support the development of interventions that simultaneously address homelessness and unstable housing and HIV and HCV transmission in this population.

Treatment Related

Treatment as prevention effective in reducing HCV incidence rates

HCP Live, USA, 2021. 5p. article review
DAA treatment scale-up associated with a reduced incidence of chronic hep C virus in prison - indicative of the effect of treatment-as-prevention.


The LiverWELL app

LiverWELL (Hepatitis Vic), Melbourne, 2021. App.
Create reminders for medication, appointments, track tests, keep notes, link to liver health news and guides on healthy living. Multiple languages.

Education & Training

Hepatitis C outreach

HCV Action, London, 2021. Webinar 1 hr
Presentations incl: importance of outreach, van-based outreach, good practice sharing, and ‘Point of Care Test and Treat Roadshow’.

The Bulletin

Penington Institute, Melbourne, 2021. Magazine
For frontline workers in Aust’s Needle and Syringe programs to help provide the critical knowledge and keep clients healthy.

Groups & Settings

What happens after curing hepatitis C? Avoiding, minimising or accepting the risks of re-infection

Infohep, London, 2021. 2p article review
From Swiss HCVree trial: MSM living with HIV and hep C received DAAs. Men who reported sexual risk behaviour also received risk reduction counselling. (Link provided to original article).

Hepatitis C and breastfeeding: is it safe?

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta GA, 2020.
Overview of info with a focus on how the virus is transmitted.

SToP-C implementation toolkit: a guide to the scale-up of antiviral treatment for hepatitis C in the prisons

Kirby Institute, Sydney, 2021. Website.
A comprehensive guide to scale-up of testing and antiviral treatment for hepatitis C in the prison system. Contains resources for correctional authorities and health care providers.

Testing and treatment for hepatitis C in children

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2021. 7p
Looks at hepatitis C in children: the signs and symptoms of HCV infection and how doctors diagnose, monitor, and treat the condition.

Hepatitis B – Chinese and Korean versions

Hepatitis NSW, Sydney, 2021. Webpages
Provides information covering testing, transmission, prevention and vaccination, treatment, and monitoring – as well as personal stories and specialist articles – to Chinese and Korean people residing in New South Wales.


1st national BBV and STI research strategy 2021-2025

Aust Govt Dept of Health, Canberra, 2021. 16p.
Aims to support nationally relevant research, innovation, and capacity building.

Monitoring and evaluation of hepatitis C initiatives

Public Health England, London, 2021. 6p.
Provides an overview of the impact of elimination activities on service users and health inequalities.

Global progress report on HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections, 2021

World Health Organization, Geneva, 2021. 106p.
The report describes WHO’s important contributions at regional and global level and identifies common actions across the 3 disease areas as well as gaps and priorities as a baseline for the next strategies.


Taking back what’s ours: an oral history of the movement of people who use drugs

Rights Reporter Foundation, Hungary, 2020. 37 minute video.
4 veterans of the user movement in Australia (from AIVL, NUAA and CAHMA) tell us the oral history of the movement especially around harm minimization and stigma.

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