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General (inc. Statistics)

Hepatitis C and HIV coinfection

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2022. 8p.
HIV  and  hep C have similar mechanisms of transmission. This article discusses the relationship along with symptoms, prevention, and treatment for hep C.

What Is the estimated global prevalence of hepatitis C by 2030?

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York, 2022. 2p.
Review of an article of a study that integrated a literature review, Delphi process, and mathematical modeling to estimate the prevalence of HCV for the years 2015 through 2030.

Let’s talk about liver health

Hepatitis Queensland, Brisbane, 2022. Webinar 1:15 hrs
This online liver health workshop covers: *What the liver does *Signs of liver disease *Practical tips to keep your liver healthy *The Mediterranean diet and its connection to better liver health *Overview of a liver health check.

Diagnosis & Assessment

What to know about ascites (excess abdominal fluid)

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2022. 6p.
Ascites is a buildup of fluid in the abdomen. This can happen when the liver is not working properly. This article outlines what causes ascites, common symptoms, how to treat it, and more.

Transmission & Prevention

Integrated HCV care and harm reduction

QuIHN, Brisbane, 2022. 11p. infographic.
The Queensland Injectors Health Network, extended existing harm reduction services to provide a' one-stop-shop' for people who use drugs to access testing and treatment in a safe and familiar environment.

Can needle exchange services deliver chemsex harm reduction?

Society for the Study of Addiction, London, 2022. 5p.
This research indicated that addiction treatment services remain designed for people who use more traditional types of drugs (opiates, cocaine etc) with a need for action around the impact of new psychoactive substances on the treatment needs of different groups.

A complex increase in hepatitis C virus in a correctional facility: bumps in the road

Aust & NZ Journal of Public Health via Wiley, Milton, 2022.  5p.
This study showed that the leading factor in transmission/re-infection in  an Australian prison was found to be injecting drug use. Testing, education and access to NSP may be the way forward.

AIVL’s national NSP directory.

Aust Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL), Canberra, 2022. Website.
Interactive search site for national NSP services: search by suburb, postcode, site name or phone number.

Feasibility of hepatitis B elimination in high-income countries with ongoing immigration

Journal of Hepatology (via Elsevier), London, 2022. Full article pre press then abstract only.
Highlights the importance of developing curative therapy for HBV, and the establishing of tailored strategies to prevent long-term sequelae and improve health in immigrants.

Sexual mixing patterns among male–female partnerships in Melbourne, Australia

Sexual Health (via CSIRO Publishing), Melbourne, 2022. 6p.
Individuals who have both opposite- and same-sex partners have the potential to pass STIs between high- and low-risk populations.

Treatment Related

Peer-facilitated treatment access for hepatitis C: the Live Hep C Free project

Springer Nature via BMC, New York 5p.
Highlights the benefits of trustworthy, efficient, and convenient peer-centred health services to engage and support vulnerable populations through HCV testing and treatment.

Early treatment consideration in patients with hepatitis B ‘e’ antigen-positive chronic infection: is it time for a paradigm shift?

Viruses, MDPI,  Basel, 2022. 12p.
Historically, patients with hep B ‘e’ antigen (HBeAg)-positive chronic infection, were not offered antiviral therapy. The current review discusses the reasons to consider early antiviral therapy in HBeAg-positive chronic infection.

Interventions to enhance testing, linkage to care, and treatment initiation for hepatitis C virus infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Via Elsevier, London, 2022. 1p. abstract.
Several interventions to improve HCV care that address several key barriers to HCV care were identified. New models must be designed and implemented to address barriers faced by the population of interest.


Eating In

Hepatitis SA, Adelaide, 2021. 51p.
Tailored for people in SA prisons who cook for themselves: with all ingredients available on the Pre-Release Centre provisions order form. View only online: contact for hard copies.

Daybeak app: change your relationship with alcohol

Hello Sunday Morning, Sydney, 2022. Phone app/software.
Personalised mobile app that helps you develop healthier habits, whether you want to cut back or quit drinking completely. Recommends tailored activities that are proven to positively change lifestyle habits.

Groups & Settings

It’s your right

EC Australia, & AIVL,  Melbourne & Canberra, 2022. Website
Campaign to promote hep C testing and treatment to people who inject drugs using local peer-based drug user organisations and/or NSP. Activities include peer outreach, and incentives. 

Hepatitis B and pregnancy: understanding the experiences of care among pregnant women and recent mothers in metropolitan Melbourne

BMC Public Health via Springer Nature   8p.
Knowledge gained from this study can contribute to the development of targeted models of care for pregnant women and mothers with young children to ensure their successful linkage to care.

Hepatitis C elimination among people who use drugs: are we there yet?

National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), Sydney, 2020. Webinar 1:03:51 hrs
Provides an update on efforts to eliminate hep C infection among people who inject drugs, including interventions that have been effective to enhance HCV testing, linkage to treatment and care.

Understanding how to live with hepatitis B: a qualitative investigation of peer advice for Chinese people living with hepatitis B in Australia

BMC Public Health, London, 2022. 8p.
Understanding how people of Chinese ethnicity with hep B understand and respond to it is imperative for reducing morbidity, mortality, and personal and social impact of the infection.

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities to address meth use and eliminate STIs

Matilda Centre, Sydney, 2022. Webinar 1 hr
2 case studies that seek to make a difference in Aboriginal sexual health and meth use: NIMAC and the ‘Ending-STI’ project.

Inside the research - a behind-the-scenes look at the research highlighted in the 2021 INHSU Prisons Bibliography

INHSU, Zurich, 2022. 5 video presentations.
The authors of each paper provided an overview of their research alongside key takeaways before participating in a facilitated panel discussion.


What health strategies could help achieve hepatitis C elimination?

Kirby Institute, Sydney, 2022. 2p. article review.
If elimination is to be achieved, existing health strategies need to be scaled up and targeted toward the people most at risk, according to new research from the Kirby Institute at UNSW Sydney. 

Global Drug Policy Index

Harm Reduction Consortium, London, 2021. Website
Documents, measures, and compares drug policies worldwide and gives each country a score based on its harm reduction efforts.

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