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New resource highlights for May 2024

All resources added in May

General reference/statistics

Urgent action needed to achieve viral hepatitis elimination

The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology, London, 2024. 1p.
Decentralisation and integration of viral hepatitis care into existing services must be greatly accelerated to increase access to, and uptake of, testing and treatment.

Diagnosis & symptoms

Universal hepatitis C screening benefits cancer patients

Hep, New York 2024. 2p.
A universal hep C screening protocol for inpatients at a large cancer center led to more diagnoses and treatment and coincided with a declining likelihood of developing secondary liver cancer.

Psychosocial and neurocognitive factors associated with hepatitis C : implications for future health and wellbeing

Frontiers in Psychology, London, 2019. 6p.
Hepatitis C and its management continue to have a profound impact on health and psychological wellbeing. Considering the serious extrahepatic implications for individuals, it is imperative that healthcare professionals pay close attention to psychosocial and neurocognitive factors.

Viral hepatitis and psychiatric disorders in adults, youths

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York. 2019. 2 p. review.
Hepatitis viruses are linked with psychiatric conditions in both adults and children, according to study data presented at The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases’ The Liver Meeting 2019.

Hepatitis B and diabetes

Hepatitis SA, Adelaide, 2024. 2p factsheet
Easy to read illustrated leaflet explaining the link between hepatitis B and diabetes. Available in English and Chinese.

Hepatitis C and diabetes

Hepatitis SA, Adelaide, 2024. 2p factsheet
Easy to read illustrated leaflet explaining the link between hepatitis C and diabetes. Available in English and Chinese.

Diabetes and hepatitis: what’s the link

Hepatitis SA, Adelaide, 2024. 4p. blog post
Information about why people with hepatitis C are three times more likely to develop diabetes (including the functions of the pancreas and liver).

Transmission & prevention

The Australian state of harm reduction (webinar)

Aust Injecting & Illicit Drug Users' League (AIVL), Canberra, 2024. Webinar 1:54:45
This webinar reflects on past lessons and achievements, what is changing across the country , and how world events might affect us.


Integrating hepatitis C virus treatment programs within community mental health

American Psychiatric Association, Washington, 2022. 4p.
Hep C is prevalent among people with serious mental illness in community mental health settings, and many experience barriers to traditional models of outpatient care. Co-located health care can mitigate some barriers.

Survey of lived experiences and challenges in hepatitis B management and treatment

BMC Public Health via Springer Nature, London, 2024. 9p.
Participants reported not being actively involved in care decision making with their providers, with an overwhelming majority wanting to participate in hepatitis B management and treatment choices.


Managing the stress of medical appointments

British Liver Trust, London, 2024. 5p.
Deciding what you want from the appointment (questions to ask), stress busting techniques while waiting, how to manage medical interactions, and how to follow up afterwards.

9 of the best meditation apps

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-Sea, 2022.  14p.
Consistent meditation may help reduce stress, cope with illness and assist in improving overall health. Reviews free and subscription apps that offer different types of meditations and are user friendly.

Rights & discrimination

Stigma by association among alcohol and other drug and harm reduction workers: implications for workplace outcomes

Drug and Alcohol Review (via Wiley), Melbourne, 2024. 10p.
The negative attitudes people hold towards those who use alcohol or other drugs (AOD) can also affect the people who work with this community, leading to lowered productivity and wellbeing.

Groups & settings

Adapting and translating the “Hep B Story” app the right way

Health Promotion Jn of Aust, Adelaide, 2024. 12p.
An educational tool for Aboriginal people in their preferred languages and a translation model to create resources for different cultural and linguistic groups.

Young Deadly Free: sexual health and well being videos

Uni of Queensland Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, Brisbane, 2024. 9 videos.
Promoting sexual health and well-being among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in urban and regional areas, created with communities across Australia.

Barriers to access to hepatitis C treatment with direct-acting antivirals in people who inject drugs in the community setting

Harm Reduction Journal, via Springer Nature, London, 2024. 11p
Recommendations incl: intensify prevention and treatment campaigns, improve health education, make the diagnosis and treatment process more flexible, and promote social policies and holistic care.

Barriers and advocacy needs for hepatitis C services in prisons (informing the toolkit)

Int Journal of Drug Policy, London, 2024. 8p.
Aims to inform the development of the Toolkit, including understanding barriers for scaling up prison-based HCV services globally and advocacy needs to address these.

The Know: Australian emerging drug information and resource hub

Prompt Response Network, Sydney, 2023. Website.
Accurate information on emerging drugs for consumers, clinicians and harm reduction service providers. With links to support services (national, state and territory).

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