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New resource highlights for February 2023

All resources added in February 2023

General (inc. Statistics)

Global reporting of progress towards elimination of hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology via Elsevier, London, 2023. 11p.
There has been remarkable global progress towards elimination of viral hep since 2016, and this new data provides evidence for the baseline for, and the development of, the new global strategy.

Diagnosis & Assessment

Targeted HCV testing in Bristol Emergency Department - an example of peer-led engagement of clients with complex needs

HCV Action, London, 2023. 5p.
Aims to improve uptake of testing in at-risk patients using point-of-care test on-site, conducted by peer support worker and supported by the hepatology team to provide treatment within 4 weeks of positive test.

Reaching the undiagnosed: advances in hepatitis C testing in Canada

CanHepC & CATIE, 2022. Webinar 1:31:48
Overview of the Canadian landscape of hep C testing including available testing technologies, and opportunities and gaps in testing strategies – with a focus on strategies to reach the undiagnosed.

Impact of HCV virus point-of-care RNA viral load testing cf lab-based testing on uptake of RNA testing, treatment, and turnaround times

The Lancet , London, 2023. 18p.
The effect of POC viral load testing is greatest within a simplified model where testing and treatment are provided at the same site, and, where possible, the same day.

The impact of common viral infections on blood-brain barrier function and insulin sensitivity

News Medical, Manchester, 2022. 6p.
Review of a study that discusses the impact of herpes, influenza, hepatitis, HIV, SARS‐CoV‐2, and RSV viruses on blood-brain barrier (BBB) function and insulin sensitivity. Contains link to original article.

Transmission & prevention

Preventing early childhood transmission of hepatitis B in remote Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia

Int Journal for Equity in Health, London, 2022. 9p.
Although uncommon, there is ongoing transmission in this context: elimination in this disproportionately affected population will require understanding of the modes of transmission and vaccine effectiveness.

Treatment related

Laying the foundations for HCV elimination: evaluating development and contribution of community care pathways

BMC Public Health, London, 2023. 9p.
This study seeks to understand if shifting diagnosis to community settings led to a higher proportion of testing; and to describe functional characteristics of the care pathways.

Closing the loop: a nurse-led hepatitis C micro-elimination program

Cool Aid Community Health Centre, Victoria, British Columbia, 2022. 8p.
The Centre services clients living with mental health and substance use issues and are homeless. Their elimination program aimed to improve screening and linkage to care with 97% of clients completing treatment.

Free SIM cards help The Hepatitis C Trust stay in touch with homeless patients

Hepatitis C Trust, London, 2022. 3p. blog post.
The provision of free SIM cards means that people are contactable throughout their course of treatment and can be supported to make it to appointments and complete treatment.


Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol

National Health and Medical Research Council, Canberra, 2020. Multiple resources.
Provides health professionals, policy makers and the community with evidence-based advice on the health effects of drinking alcohol and how to reduce the health risks of alcohol consumption.

Communicating with your healthcare provider

Choosing Wisely, Sydney, undated. 1p.
Effective communication between you and your healthcare provider is an essential part of good healthcare: here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your healthcare appointments.

How does diabetes affect mood and relationships?

Medical News Today, Bexhill-on-sea, 2022. 9p.
Diabetes is a chronic condition that can affect physical and mental health. This article explores the effects of diabetes on mood and relationships in more detail.

Education & trainng

How to screen for hepatitis Delta virus

Clinical Care Options, Reston, VA, 2023 (exp 2024). Online module.
Intended for physicians, pharmacists, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals who provide care for patients with HBV infection or patients at risk for HBV/HDV infection.


Real lives and reducing hepatitis related stigma and discrimination

Hepatitis Australia, Canberra, 2017. 24p.
Submission on systemic barriers and stigma and discrimination experienced by people affected by hep B or hep C in accessing health services for hep B, C and/or HIV prevention, care or treatment.

Groups & settings

Hepatitis B and C in pregnancy and children: a Canadian perspective

Viruses via MDPI, Basel, 2023. 14p.
Describes the continuum of care that includes preconception, prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric stages; and identifies global and Canadian recommendations, findings, and opportunities for improvement.

Integrated supervised consumption services and hepatitis C testing and treatment among people who inject drugs in Toronto, Canada: A cross-sectional analysis

Journal of Viral Hepatitis via Wiley, Malden, 2022. 12p.
Our findings suggest that integrated supervised consumption service (SCS) models with co- located HCV care represent key strategies for linkage to HCV care, but that more is needed to support scale-up.

Care navigation increases initiation of HCV treatment after release from prison: the C-LINK study

Open Forum Infect. Dis., Oxford, 2022. 8p.
Care navigation increased treatment uptake among untreated individuals released from prison. Public policy should support similar models of care to promote treatment in this population.


New South Wales Hepatitis B Strategy 2023-2026

Centre for Populations Health, Sydney, 2023. 23p.
Key focus areas: culturally and linguistically diverse people linked to care; pregnant women screened and action taken; people impacted informed, followed up and engaged in care; and high vaccine coverage maintained.

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