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New resource highlights for April 2019

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General reference (inc. statistics)

Alcohol and other drug use in regional and remote Australia: consumption, harms and access to treatment 2016–17

Aust Institute of Health & Welfare, Canberra, 2019.
Identifies trends and differences in alcohol and other drug use, harms and treatment in major cities and regional and remote Australia.

Diagnosis & assessment

STI/BBV testing tool for asymptomatic people

NSW STI Programs Unit, ASHM & Qld. Govt., Canberra, 2019
This resource has charts and info about how routine STI/BBV testing can be offered, who to, and how to follow up.

Transmission & prevention

Evaluating cost-effectiveness of needle & syringe programs in preventing hep C transmission in people who inject drugs

Findings, Tottenham, 2019.
UK NSPs are “highly cost-effective way to curb transmission of hep C, prevent assoc. ill-health and death, and ... reduce overall health-related costs"

The Australian Immunisation Handbook

Australian Government Department of Health, Canberra, 2018
Easy to navigate resource containing info about a range of diseases and vaccines. Updated section for Hepatitis B & vaccinations for pre-term infants.

Manicure, pedicure and facials: client health information

Health Vic, Melbourne, 2006
While the risk of infection from these fairly common procedures is low, there are a few points to keep in mind when undergoing these treatments. Contains clear information for clients and operators.


Hepatitis C extrahepatic manifestations reduced by sustained virologic response

MD Magazine, Plainsboro NJ, 2019.
"Sustained virological response with treatment found to be associated with a reduction of extrahepatic manifestations and the corresponding mortality". Article review

Elements of community‐based models for treating hep C virus in supporting HCV elimination in Australia: a Delphi study

Int. Journal of Health Planning Mgmt, Melb, 2019
Successful models dependent on integration & co-ord. of care & support provided for both patients & healthcare providers (abstract only).

Option found for retreatment of chronic hep C infection

HealthDay News, Melville NY, 2018
"Combined treatment with glecaprevir a& pibrentasvir (G/P) highly effective in treating chronic HCV genotype-1 infections that failed to respond to DAA therapy".


Building self compassion: workbook

Centre for Clinical Interventions, Perth, 2019
Self-compassion can bring great benefits for our mental health and well-being.

The impact of hepatitis C

London Joint Working Group on Substance Use & Hepatitis C, London, 2018
Interviews with people about the impact of hep C on themselves or their loved ones. Made for the annual conference of the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use & Hepatitis C.

Education & training

Information and advice for the families of people living with hepatitis C

Adfam, London. 2018.
Having a loved one with a drug problem or who is ill may put a lot of practical, financial and emotional pressures on family members ...this booklet may help reduce any potential fear or emotional strain.

Hepatitis C in general practice forum videos

ASHM,Canberra, 2018.
14 video presentations from the forum held in 2018

Rights & discrimination

"Who will love me now that I’m poisonous?"

SBS Insight, Sydney, 2019
"Michael, an HIV positive Indigenous health worker, shares his first-hand experience of why culturally appropriate healthcare services are critical if we want to close the gap in Indigenous health."

Groups & settings

Universal vs risk-based screening in pregnancy: an expert weighs in

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York, 2018
Review of article published in Clinical Infectious Diseases that argues universal screening of pregnant women should be adopted.

The role of a GP

Healthdirect, [Canberra], 2019
General information for patients: the role, suitability and costs. Available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese,Vietnamese (as a printout, audio file or video).

Challenges in preventing mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C virus

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York, 2019
Discusses challenges and successes in reducing rates of pediatric HCV infection and the potential role for DAAs.

Hepatitis C Coalition roundtable on HCV and blood borne viruses in prison

Hepatitis C Coalition, U.K., 2019
Summarises the need for better implementation of opt-out testing, reducing points of attrition along the care pathway, tackling stigma and developing stronger links with community services.

Strategies & health promotion

How can we accelerate the elimination of viral hepatitis? Summary report

Imperial College London, London, 2019
Review of the key recommendations to advance the fight against viral hepatitis by a global panel of experts.

Accelerating the elimination of viral hepatitis for Indigenous peoples

The Lancet, London, 2019
Strategies and actions towards elimination of viral hep must include focus on Indigenous peoples and mechanisms to involve Indigenous leadership in policy making, research, and service delivery.

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