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New resource highlights for May 2019

All resources added in May 2019

General reference (inc. statistics)

Viral hep mapping project: geographic diversity in chronic hep B & C prevalence, management & treatment

ASHM & Doherty Institute, Sydney, 2019
Assesses geographic variations in prevalence of viral hep (B & C) & disparities in access to care, in order to identify priority areas.

Methamphetamine use, forms & routes of administration among people who regularly consume drugs in Adelaide, SA

National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney, 2019
This bulletin reports on crystal methamphetamine and route of administration (smoking and injecting)

Use of alcohol swabs to clean injecting sites among people who regularly inject drugs in Australia

National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney, 2019
Reports on percentage of PWID nationally who reported swabbing at last injection, and among those who didn’t, the reasons behind this.

The contribution of injection drug use to hepatitis C virus transmission globally, regionally, and at country level: a modelling study

The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology, London, 2019
A dynamic deterministic HCV transmission model to simulate country-level HCV epidemics among people who inject drugs and the general population.

Transmission & prevention

Requirements for global elimination of hepatitis B: a modelling study

The Lancet Infectious Diseases, London, 2016
Evaluates potential impact of public health interventions against HBV, proposes targets for reducing incidence and mortality, and identifies key developments required to achieve these.

Hepatitis C infections could be prevented by reducing transmission in people who inject drugs

Medical Xpress, Isle of Man, 2019
Further effort could reduce future infections by 43% globally.


HCV reinfection as a positive indication of high‐risk population treatment access

Journal of Viral Hepatitis (via Wiley), Melbourne, 2019
To achieve targets, particularly major reductions in incidence, requires enhanced public health engagement with marginalized populations (eg people who inject drugs).


Eating well: a LiverWELL lifestyle guide

Hepatitis Victoria, Melbourne, 2019
Recipes that taste good and are great for liver health –also a source of information about healthy, balanced food, with nutritional analysis and health tips

Education & training

Improving engagement with healthcare in hepatitis C: a randomised controlled trial of a peer support intervention

Biomed Central, London, 2019
Randomised controlled trial to test the efficacy of peer support in promoting successful engagement with clinical services for HCV.

International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users: education program

INHSU, ASHM & Kirby Institute, Sydney & Zurich, 2019
3 online modules for healthcare practitioners: country specific intro modules, interactive workshops with experts and practical tools to assist in implementing testing and treatment.

Rights & discrimination

Shush! Confidentiality & anonymity in NSP/CNP

ANEX, Melbourne, 2019
Confidentiality, anonymity & trust is good practice & vital to delivering quality NSP service. Contains interview with Sue B, HepSA NSP worker.

NSP: confidential, anonymous, safe

Penington Institute, Melbourne, 2019
Poster that can be used in NSP/CNP programs to reassure clients that their right to privacy is safe.

Groups & settings

Access to hepatitis C testing and treatment for people who inject drugs and people in prisons: a global perspective

WHO, Geneva, 2019.
Highlights the current landscape of country hepatitis policies for harm reduction and HCV testing and treatment in PWID and people in prisons.

Epidemic of sexually transmitted hep C in gay men now involves both HIV-positive & HIV-negative men

Infohep, London, 2019
Reviews articles where "cohort study clearly demonstrates that the HCV epidemic has now spread in HIV-negative MSM".

How does condom use change over time as young MSM get older?

NAM AIDSMAP, London, 2019
Longitudinal study aimed to investigate changes in condom use over time, from late adolescence to adulthood (aged 17-26).


National women’s health strategy: 2020-2030

Australian Government Department of Health, Canberra, 2019
Highlights the range of factors that contribute to health outcomes; and key health inequities such as access to services, health literacy, stigma and gender inequality.

Hepatitis C in England 2019: working to eliminate hepatitis C as a major public health threat

Public Health England, London, 2019
Summarises the current data, the impact of actions and outlines further actions required to make progress.

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