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New resource highlights for January 2021

All resources added in January 2021

COVID19: hep/liver related

International registries provide more information about COVID-19 and liver disease

Infohep, London, 2020. 2p.
Overview of data collected from 2 international registries of people with liver disease and COVID-19. Details outcomes for people with liver disease, co-morbidities and those with liver transplants.


Which people with chronic liver disease have higher COVID-19 risks?

Infohep, London,  2020. 2p. article review
Decompensated cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disease and HCC each raise the risk of death and severe illness from COVID-19 among people with chronic liver disease, but other liver conditions do not.

Speak Easy Podcast: COVID-19 and harm reduction special

Centre for Social Research in Health, Sydney, 2020. 29.07 mins. Podcast
The most recent harm reduction info and advice for people who are using drugs in a COVID-19 environment.

General Reference (inc. Statistics)

Hepatitis C virus cascade of care among people who inject drugs; a cross sectional study of characteristics associated with accessing testing, treatment, and completion in a universal healthcare system

Nat Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney, 2020. 15 PPT slides
From APSAD Conference presentation: self-reported history of HCV antibody and RNA testing, treatment engagement/ completion, socio-demographics, past 6 month drug use and health service utilisation.

My health, our family: documenting my health, our family: documenting stories of family life in the context stories of family life in the context of HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C (summary report)

Center for Social Research in Health, Sydney, 2020. 30p
Describes experiences of families in Australia affected by HIV, hep B and/or C and how differences in family contexts intersect with understandings of and approaches to prevention, management and treatment in family life.

Can investment in hepatitis C treatment be cost saving?

Infohep, London, 2020. 2p. article review
DAA treatment can be cost saving for some countries within five to ten years, a study presented online at this month’s AASLD Liver Meeting shows.

The Goanna Survey 2

SAHMRI, Adelaide, 2020. 90p.
Survey of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, focused on relationships, sexual behaviours, use of health services and knowledge about sexually transmissible infections, HIV and hep C.

Diagnosis & Assessment

Hep C testing & treatment interventions for homeless in London during Covid-19 pandemic: outcomes & learning

London Joint Working Group on Substance Use and Hepatitis C, London, 2020. 22p.
During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 healthcare teams, peer workers, hotel staff and others delivered a hep C testing operation in hotels, hostels and on the streets.

Test and detect: path to cure

World Hepatitis Alliance,
A partnership between different organisations within Russia in order to utilise testing capacity using three mobile testing units to provide services to people who use drugs.

Transmission & Prevention

Testing and clinical management of health care personnel potentially exposed to hepatitis C virus: CDC Guidance, United States, 2020

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta GA, 2020. 10p.
Health care providers (HCP) can use this guidance to update their procedures for postexposure testing and clinical management of HCP potentially exposed to hepatitis C virus.

Needlestick injuries

Hepatitis Victoria, Melbourne, 2018. 2p. factsheet
What to do if you experience a needlestick injury: immediate actions, risk factors, follow up, protective factors etc.

Treatment Related

Estimating the proportion of people with chronic hepatitis B virus infection eligible for hepatitis B antiviral treatment worldwide a systematic review and meta-analysis

The Lancet, New York, 2020. 13p. open access
Many studies described people with HBV infection, but few reported information in a way that allowed assessment of eligibility for treatment.

Mobile outreach model providing HCV screening to populations with poor access to healthcare in Madrid, Spain

Screening and Linkage To Care (SLCT) Summit, Uxbridge UK, 2020. 1p. infographic/poster
Infographic from an outreach unit which aimed to increase screening of at-risk and under-served populations and facilitate the referral of patients to hospital for treatment.

Good practice interactive map

Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd, Uxbridge UK, 2020. Webpage
Examples of good practice – specific interventions (esp. in testing and treating), models of care and regional elimination plans. Interactive map allows access to examples from numerous countries.

Education & Training

Advocate - access and equity

Network of Alcohol & other Drug Agencies (NADA), Sydney,  2020. 35p
Explores barriers and enablers associated with access and equity; researchers and people with lived experience share why peer support is good practice.


The embodied relationality of blood-borne viruses. How families matter in the context of a stigmatised viral infection

Social Science & Medicine (via Elsevier), 2019. 8p. open access.
Makes the case that families (broadly defined) matter in the context of stigmatised, transmissible infections in ways that extend beyond individual bodies and beyond the usual preoccupation with risk.

Groups & Settings

Telephone consultations with patients requiring an interpreter

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), Melbourne, 2020. 5p.
Guidance and support for general practitioners (GPs) providing telehealth consultations with patients who require an interpreter.

What you need to know about hepatitis C and prison

AIVL, Canberra, 2020. Pamphlet and poster.
Treatment tips and information for people who may be about to either go into, or leave, prison.

Good practice case study: prison to community peer support

HCV Action, London, 2020. 5p.
Process, outcomes and key learnings for this project that aimed  to ensure that people released from prison during treatment were not lost to follow-up.

Be free from C: getting treated on the outside...

Hepatitis Victoria, Melbourne.  18p.
Info about what to do to get cured: there are clinics especially for people who have been in prison or who have injected drugs.

Test and treat reduces hepatitis C by 83% in Melbourne gay men with HIV

Infohep, London, 2020. 2p.
Testing and treatment for hepatitis C in gay and bisexual men with HIV in Melbourne reduced the prevalence of the infection by 83% between 2012 and 2019 (from article in Clinical Infectious Diseases).


Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA),  Melbourne, 2017. 2p. flyer.
This brochure provides clarity on this procedure and outlines what patients can expect from this test. Available in Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English and Vietnamese.

All good? Get facts get checked now you're all good

Aust Society for HIV, Viral Hep & Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM), Sydney. Website
Basic information on hep B and C, HIV and range of STIs in 22 languages (written and audio). With a searchable database of medical services provided in multiple languages and resources for health professionals.

The health and welfare of women in Australia’s prisons

Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, Canberra, 2020. 16p.
The purpose of this report is to contribute to the understanding of women’s health and wellbeing needs (inc. substance use) when they enter prison, during their time in custody, and at release from prison.


SA Aboriginal STI and BBV action plan

CDC Branch, SA Health, Adelaide, 2020. 50p.
Framework for coordinated effort to address high incidence, prevalence, morbidity and mortality associated with STI and BBV infection (inc HIV, hep B and  C) in Aboriginal communities.


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