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New resource highlights for April 2024

All resources added in April

General reference/statistics

World Hepatitis Summit abstract book

World Hepatitis Alliance  Geneva, 2024. 222p.
Detailed abstracts covering innovations, advocacy, stigma, mother-child transmission, children, monitoring & surveillance, partnerships, financing , lived experience, universal health coverage etc.

Global hepatitis report 2024

World Health Organization, Geneva, 2024. 223p.
This report presents the latest estimates on the disease burden and the coverage of essential viral hepatitis services from 187 countries across the world and updated progress made since 2019.

We can cure hepatitis C. So why aren’t we?

Filter, New York, 2024. 9p.
Looks at various models of care, accessibility of treatment and funding models from around the globe that can turn elimination into a reality.

Progress towards elimination of viral hepatitis: a Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology Commission update

Lancet Gastroeneterology and Hepatology, (via Elsevier), London, 2024. 20p.
National experts from each of the top 20 highest burdened countries provide an update: progress in elimination policy has been made in 14 of 20 countries with the highest burden since 2018. Register (free) to access.

Guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment for people with chronic hepatitis B infection

World Health Organization, Geneva, 2024. 270p.
Provides updated evidence-informed recommendations on key priority topics,  including simplified treatment; antiviral prophylaxis for pregnant women; improving HBV diagnostics; and approaches to promote delivery of high-quality HBV services.

Diagnosis & symptoms

Combined “Test and Treat” campaigns for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C: a systematic review to provide evidence to support world health organization treatment guidelines

Open Forum Infectious Diseases (Oxford University Press), Oxford, 2024. 9p.
This article highlights a potential avenue for healthcare improvement by implementing combination testing programs.

Liver cancer can’t wait: saving lives from liver cancer by eliminating hepatitis

World Hepatitis Alliance, Geneva, 2024. 5p.
Briefing paper that outlines statistics and key facts about the connection between viral hepatitis and liver cancer.

Transmission & prevention

Overdose prevention centres, safe consumption sites, and drug consumption rooms: a rapid evidence review

Drug Science, London, 2023. 185p.
Includes a summary of existing evidence suggesting that OPCs are successful in reducing drug-related harms for individuals and communities, through the prevention of overdoses and improved access to other health services.


An operational research roadmap to simplify hepatitis B care in low- and middle-income countries

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination, Decatur GA, 2024. 26p.
Provides a path forward to identify barriers, learn while doing, and establish simplified approaches to hepatitis B testing, care, and treatment in order to improve global health equity and save lives.

Broad access to Direct-Acting Antivirals reduces HCV reinfections in patients with HIV

Infectious Disease Advisor, New York, 2024. 2p. article review.
Overview of a multinational longitudinal study to assess changes in the incidence of HCV reinfection among at-risk patients with HIV infection during periods of limited and broad access to DAA therapy. Contains link to original article.


Common complaints and symptoms

Liver Foundation, Melbourne, 2022. 3p.
Lists the most common symptoms that may indicate poor liver health or liver disease. Each symptom description links to further, more detailed, information.

Whole food plant-based: easy, healthy, low-cost meals for every day of the week

American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Chesterfield MO, undated. 18p.
7 days of fully illustrated meal plans (including snacks) featuring plant-based recipes, with nutritional information and weekly shopping list. With a section of ingredient substitutions for a range of allergies.

Groups & settings

Factors associated with hepatitis C testing, treatment, and current hepatitis C infection among men and women who inject drugs: The ETHOS engage study

Int Journal of Drug Policy, London, 2024. 12p.
Women who inject drugs face gendered barriers to care that impact on engagement with HCV services.

Cost-effectiveness of strategies for treatment timing for perinatally acquired hepatitis C virus

JAMA Pediatrics, (American Medical Assoc), Chicago, 2024. 1p detailed abstract.
In this cost-effectiveness analysis, results demonstrated that treating 3-year-olds with perinatally acquired HCV was projected to increase life expectancy and decrease health care costs.

Women living with hepatitis: a call to action

World Hepatitis Alliance, Geneva, 2024. 5p.
Briefing document jointly released by the World Hepatitis Alliance and INHSU sheds light on the unique challenges faced by women living with viral hepatitis. 

Hep can’t wait – championing women living with hepatitis

World Hepatitis Alliance, Geneva, 2024. Video 1:27:39
WHA hosted a panel discussion to explore the unique perspectives of women living with hepatitis and to celebrate women that are driving the hepatitis response and supporting other women living with hepatitis.

INHSU Prisons third annual workshop

INHSU Prisons, Geneva, 2024. 13p.
An interactive workshop sharing global best practice for the scale up of HCV testing, treatment and prevention services in prisons.

Tokanga’i koe mo ho ’ate pupula : Looking after yourself with hepatitis - just the basics (Tongan)

Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand, Whakatāne, 2019. 2p. Brochure.
General lifestyle information about healthy living and dealing with hepatitis symptoms. Check library catalogue for Samoan version.

Chronic hepatitis B care in regional Australia: implications for clinical practice and public health policy

Internal Medicine Journal, Melbourne, 2024. 9p.
Current approaches are failing to deliver optimal care to Indigenous Australians in regional Nth Queensland. Targeted strategies are urgently needed.

Using the WHO ASSIST to predict poor substance-related health outcomes after release from prison

National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), Sydney, 2024. Webinar 57 minutes.
Investigates the health challenges of those who have been incarcerated and how these problems can be identified as early as possible to inform targeted interventions aimed at improving the health of this group.

Strategies & related

Harnessing the power of civil society to achieve hepatitis elimination

Lancet Gastroeneterology and Hepatology (via Elsevier), London, 2024. 2p.
Insufficient access to hepatitis services, stigma and discrimination, low awareness, inadequate political will, and insufficient financing continue to slow progress. Civil society organisations are uniquely positioned to address these barriers.


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